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What Mortgage Lenders Look for When You Buy a 2-4 Family Home

There’s a wealth of information available about mortgages to purchase single-family, owner-occupied homes. But much harder to come by is what mortgage lenders look for...
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Buying a Flipped House: Buyer Beware

HGTV has made house flipping look easy, and in some neighborhoods, it seems like there’s a house on every block that’s being flipped. For purposes...
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Can You Use a Roth IRA for the Down Payment on a Home?

With so many people having most or even all of their savings in retirement plans, tapping them for the down payment on a home has...
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How to Buy a Home Without Leaving Yourself “House Poor”

Have you ever heard the term, house poor? It’s an important term to remember when you buy a home. It refers to someone who buys...
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Pros and Cons of Paying Cash for a Home

It can seem like a pipe dream to many people, but there really are people who pay cash for a home. And maybe you’re thinking...
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5 First-time Homebuyer Mistakes You Need to Avoid

First-time homebuyers often make mistakes in purchasing a home, simply as a result of not knowing how the process works. But you can purchase your...
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