How to Protect Your Credit From Equifax Data Breach

This Equifax breach is very likely to have affected you. As many as 44 percent of Americans had their personal and financial information hacked in...
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How Mortgage Lenders Use Your Credit Score

You probably already have some idea that there’s a connection between credit scores and mortgage rates. But how close is that connection? And how much...
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3 Ways to Get Late Payments Off Your Credit Report

If you have late payments that you want to get off your credit report, you may have a sense of powerlessness. After all, you’re one...
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How to Dispute an Error on my Credit Report

Do you regularly check your credit report? You should, and there’s no excuse not to because you can get free credit reports from the three...
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How your credit score affects your mortgage

When you’re shopping for a home, you can find yourself fixated by mortgage rates and obsessed with trying to lock in the lowest rate possible....
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