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The Easiest Way to Prepare Your House for Sale

People devote all kinds of time and money to getting their homes ready for sale. They might replace flooring, paint inside and out, and even...
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5 Reasons Why You Need to Start a Roth IRA Now

Of all of the savings, investments and retirement plans out there, the Roth IRA is in a class by itself. Here are five reasons why...
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What Mortgage Lenders Look for When You Buy a 2-4 Family Home

There’s a wealth of information available about mortgages to purchase single-family, owner-occupied homes. But much harder to come by is what mortgage lenders look for...
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Buying a Flipped House: Buyer Beware

HGTV has made house flipping look easy, and in some neighborhoods, it seems like there’s a house on every block that’s being flipped. For purposes...
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Can You Use a Roth IRA for the Down Payment on a Home?

With so many people having most or even all of their savings in retirement plans, tapping them for the down payment on a home has...
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How to Protect Your Credit From Equifax Data Breach

This Equifax breach is very likely to have affected you. As many as 44 percent of Americans had their personal and financial information hacked in...
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